Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions


ataata Centers Solutions is a major competent area of KBSLIT. We can boast of 28 years of experience  where total comprehensive solutions are provided and maintained for top level businesses in Sri Lanka.

The solutions provided covered the areas such as,

Server consolidations solutions

Storage solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions

Data Center Design, Implementation and maintenance solutions

Microsoft server Design, Implementation and maintenance solutions

Oracle DB Design, Implementation and maintenance solutions

Cloud Solutions

Open Source Solutions


KBSL IT consist of experienced and innovative staff in all relevant areas. We are Competence in requirement analysis, effective designing, accurate implementation, converging solutions and providing post sales services  24 x 7. Uniqueness in KBSL out of other competitors are, skills in  extraordinary problems solving and standing out for customers anytime and anywhere for customer issues.aten-data-center

For the Existence of more than 25 years in business, we are being a solution provider to customers domains in manufacturing, financial services, public sector, healthcare, hospitality, service provider industries and etc. We have a  strong relationships with partners such as CISCO, IBM, VMware, NetApp, EMC, Symantec, Microsoft with proven track of records. which is the evidence of the effort, commitment, towards customers to make their business a success.