Over the last 20 years, KBSL has been developing, implementing and delivering best of breed infrastructure solutions to leading enterprises in Sri Lanka. Combining technology expertise with an in depth understanding of our customers business and industry requirement, our goal is to remove barriers, connect resources and help accelerate the achievement of your business goals. 

Our commitment is to deliver:

Unyielding efficiency to meet demands for growth, innovation and connectivity
Unparalleled security for your data and your infrastructure
Unending opportunities to transform your business with empowered IT to meet changing demands

Technical Solutions

Data Center Solutions

At the very core of your IT infrastructure is your datacenter and at KBSL we have built data center solutions stack to enable you to maximize the potential of your datacenter to run smarter, faster and more responsively.

Datacenter Transformation & Consulting

As the operating environment for organizations become more complex over the last few years IT has moved from a support function to transformational function integral to meeting growing businesses requirements. Our datacenter transformation and consulting services are designed to help customers achieve their goals via strategic, functional and process based transformations that drive increased performance, effectiveness and resilience.

We guide our customers on how to maximize the potential of their existing infrastructure while making carefully planned investments in upgrades and updates with the simple goal of achieving maximum ROI while creating an agile, scalable and responsive datacenter.

Managed Datacenter

Reduced IT spend while ensuring minimum downtime is essential for businesses to remain competitive, with our managed datacenter services KBSL delivers all this and more for our customers. With the right mix of people, process and technology we enable you to manage IT expenditures while ensuring the highest levels of compliance.

We provide;

  • Clear and flexible contracts that align business demands and an overall reduction in operational costs
  • Detailed governance and service management offering process maturity and excellence
  • A vendor-neutral philosophy
  • Faster, more flexible service with a lower risk of IT failure


Virtualization enables organizations to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities in their marketplace by laying the foundation for cloud computing through an agile and efficient infrastructure.

Our 3 step process for Virtualization:

Our services include;

  • Complete virtualization of servers, storage and network
  • Implementation of infrastructure monitoring solutions
  • Automating virtualized infrastructure across computing, networking and storage
  • Delivering DevOps solutions leveraging best of breed technologies
  • Implementing automatic recovery and  fault-tolerance solutions

Replication, Back Up & DR

As organizations become more and more dependent on IT systems, even small disruptions can have serious consequences on daily operations while IT teams are challenged with protecting business-critical applications and data. We deliver a complete portfolio of back up, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to deliver high availability, data protection and seamless transitions.

Our solutions are carefully tailored to each customer with strategic plans that align the cost of backup and recovery with the value of the data and the ability to minimize downtime.



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Data Center Solutions
Enterprise Network Solutions

Technical Solutions

Enterprise Network Solutions

The communications landscape is becoming more dynamic than ever. That’s why at KBSL we help enterprises to build and maintain communication and connectivity by providing core networking solutions that are designed to align with their strategic goals.  These have helped enterprises to run their operations more swiftly while providing a top notch customer service.

Our key services include:

  • Switching infrastructure
  • Wireless communication
  • Unified communication
  • High-speed secure and smart switching infrastructure for data centers


Our network team leverages knowledge across multiple industries, products and technologies to deliver fast, secure networks designed specifically for our customers’ requirements. We take care of everything from assessment to implementation and management of your network to ensure your businesses services remains connected and available with minimal hassle or interruptions.

At KBSL we are committed to delivering;

  • Fast and efficient network deployment
  • Lowering of customers IT costs
  • Faster deployment of applications & VAS
  • A reduction in unplanned network downtime

Our solutions include;

  • LAN/WAN Networks
  • IP Voice Communications
  • Managed Network Services
  • Network Integration Services
  • Software Defined Networking

Information Security Solutions

Effectively securing your business is challenging – the threats are serious and constantly evolving, and the implications for businesses in an increasingly interconnected environment are immense.

True security comes through a clear understanding of the business, its assets, customers and organizational culture. At KBSL we take in to account all of the above to provide security solutions that utilize the best of breed products, applications and technology- bought together by highly skilled and experienced engineers.




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Technical Solutions

Unified Communication Solutions

KBSL provides simple yet comprehensive unified communication solutions that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any business, large or small. From basic voice/PABX integration to full feature rich communications solutions, custom application development and consulting, our team is ready to deliver the ideal solution to meet each customer’s needs.

Services include;

  • Voice / PABX and Collaboration Solutions
  • Omni-Channel Contact Center Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • CTI Application Development
  • Consulting
  • Contact Center Managed Services
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Unified Communication Solutions
Service Provider Solutions

Technical Solutions

Service Provider Solutions

Over the past two decades KBSL has been delivering cutting edge technology solutions to Service Providers in Sri Lanka, and have continued to be their trusted partner through technology and industry changes, enabling them to stay competitive throughout.

We are committed to enabling you to;

  • Transform your IT architecture & operations
  • Improve efficiency and time to market
  • Monetize your network while providing exceptional customer experiences
  • Deliver a cutting edge network offering

Network Solutions

Our team architects and delivers carrier class, net generation networks blending multiple transport and network services with real time reporting, monitoring and access to information.

Our services include;

  • Design & Implementation of Next Generation M2M Networks
  • Virtualization & Software Defined Networks
  • Design and management of complex IP networks
  • IT systems transformation & network monetization solutions


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Technical Solutions

Services Marketing

Rapid change is a constant in the high tech space and with information technology. That’s why we at KBSL believe in maintaining a lasting relationship with every one of our clients, by offering them post-warranty maintenance services. KBSL has adopted the industry best practice ITIL support framework to underpin its service support and delivery. The superior levels of service we offer during and after the sales contract has not only increased customer loyalty but also their trust in us to deliver the best, at all times.

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Services Marketing
Smart Infrastructure

Technical Solutions

Smart Infrastructure

Today a building is more than just four walls- they are smarter, more efficient and makes our lives easier than before. As a system integrator and service provider we use our expertise to deliver a host of Building Infrastructure Solutions targeted towards high-rise apartments, hotels and houses.

Smart Building Solutions

Efficient building management requires an automated and seamless flow of information from system to system. Our building solutions, applications and systems make living areas smarter by creating connectivity between an individual and smart appliances, so a person is able to remotely monitor and control the temperature, security, lighting and more of his building with the touch of a button.

Infrastructure Solutions

KBSL provides a complete range of infrastructure solutions to meet the requirements of your building, whether it is a new construction or an upgrade on an existing building our solutions team will deliver the ideal solution every time.

  • Cabling: Though building cabling has been in use for decades, the technology surrounding current and future speed and bandwidth requirements change continually. Our cabling team will deliver a comprehensive solution taking into account network longevity, maintainability and installation.
  • CCTV & Access Control: We work with some of the best brands in the world to deliver top of the line CCTV and Access Control solutions to a range of different customers. Our team are experts in proper installation of cameras, access control devices and the entire supporting infrastructure, whether interior, exterior, aerial or underground.
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Technical Solutions

Data Labs

As industries evolve and customer needs change overtime, business need to keep up pace by innovating and inventing. To aid this process we need to scrutinize the data we have about our business environment, but given the current context, the good old table data processing mechanism gets slower as the inflow of data is much greater than the processing mechanisms.

That’s when Data Labs come in. Our team of experts, highly knowledgeable in data analysis will help you mine and interpret data in a manner that is accurate and focused so you can make risk-free business decisions. Furthermore, our Artificial Intelligence based predictions can unlock new opportunities for your business, giving you a competitive edge in your market.

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Data Labs