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Celebrating Excellence with our Awards and Certificates

KBSL awards and certificates cover a wide range of categories, honouring individuals and teams who have demonstrated exceptional skills and contributions. These accolades recognize outstanding achievements in areas such as research and development, customer service, project management, and technological advancements.

The awards and certificates serve as a testament to the hard work, expertise, and commitment exhibited by the recipients, motivating them to push boundaries and strive for excellence. KBSL’s recognition program not only highlights the achievements within the organization, but also fosters a culture of appreciation and encourages a competitive spirit among its members.

Data Center Partner 2018

Mid Market Partner 2018

Cisco Premier Partner 2009 2010

Cisco Premier Partner 2009 2010

Cisco Top Architecture Partner Of The Year 2014

Fortinet Global Partner Conference

Fortinet Partner of The Year 2016

Fortinet Rookie of The Year 2015