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How Can Information Technology Support The Hospitality Industry?

The tourism and hospitality industry is crucial to Sri Lanka’s economy and as a business solution provider it is important for us to help clients transform their services to the best of their ability. In the hospitality sector, communication is key. Seamless communication not only improves productivity and guest contentment, but also helps reduce costs and increase employee job satisfaction.

Both customers and businesses can benefit from excellent communication technology. From reservations to after sales services, communication can enhance each step along a guest’s journey. As soon as it’s safe to do so, every individual around the globe will take the opportunity to travel, so the hospitality industry should do its best to be prepared.

Where does technology come in?

  • Property to property communication: Computer systems allow communication between larger hotel chains with multiple locations.
  • Research and Reservations: Guests can easily find information and prices online, make their reservations through booking engines and websites, and use chatbots to speak with agents to answer inquiries. These systems help guests to compare rates, get information, and even communicate with the team.
  • Pre-arrival messages: Personalised automated messages upon booking confirmation, disseminate information regarding safety protocols, cancellations etc.
  • Arrival and Check-in: Booking coordination has been transformed by technology, increasing the efficiency and speed of property management systems and in room connectivity. This helps keep staff on the same page and make it easier to access information thereby making guests experience seamless.
  • On property guest experiences and Check-out: Technology efficiently connects property wide activities through the management systems and billing for payment at the end of the stay. In room communication and applications for management of wake up calls, tv channels, lighting, room service etc., along with endpoint customization as the hotel requires, creates a customer centric experience for guests.
  • Post-stay and Social Media Reviews: Technology allows hospitality providers to monitor guest reviews following a stay, on sites such as TripAdvisor or social media, to gather feedback to improve their service.


Technology in the guest life cycle

How can a digital transformation help?

Personalized guest experience: Automating in room capabilities and on property services, creates an adaptable and personalized experience across the entire customer journey.

Empower Employees: By integrating daily workflow communication, and automating task management, a true digital workplace enhances an employee’s experience, making them more productive and satisfied.

Enhance Business Process Efficiency: Digitally transforming your systems enables the agility, flexibility and reliability you need. With custom applications and workflows and agile technology, operational costs are reduced and the entire business process improves.

Accelerate Revenue Generation: Increasing real time promotions, be in it In-room F&B or retail, continually create new points of differentiation for sustainable growth.

As times are changing, modern guests expect to have an excellent hospitality experience starting as early as choosing a destination and learning more about accommodations and property. Whether it’s improving in room features or personalizing messages, a customer-centric digital transformation will enable any hospitality provider to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape.

How can we help? As a provider of business solutions to a variety of leading hotels across the island, KBSL is well positioned to create a total solution that supports your systems. Be it network, servers or security, we have experts that can develop a robust infrastructure and ensure everything will operate smoothly.

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