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Technical Consultancy & Design

Technical consultancy is an integral part of KBSL’s business solutions. Getting to know the nature of our customer’s business and the nature of their clientele is crucial to the success of this practice.

With a diverse pool of engineers and a proven track record of successful projects, KBSL provides consultancy in terms of ICT Infrastructure and application strategy for multiple industries.

Our Key Services

Technology Strategy and Planning

We help businesses identify areas for improvement and recommend the adoption of emerging technologies that can enhance their operations, improve their efficiency, and increase their overall productivity. Our experts provide recommendations on the latest technologies, platforms, and applications that can help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

Data Management and Analytics

We provide security policies and procedure development services, where we work with organizations to create and implement effective security policies and procedures that protect against cyber threats. Our team of experts develops customized security policies and procedures that align with an organization's unique needs and requirements.


Our cybersecurity risk assessment involves identifying and evaluating potential risks that an organization may face from cyber threats. This assessment helps organizations understand the potential impact of cyberattacks on their operations and systems, and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

Cloud Computing

We advise companies on how to adopt cloud-based strategies, while assessing various cloud service providers, and helping organizations migrate their applications and data to the cloud.

Training and Support

We help organizations and their employees to adopt and effectively use new technologies and systems by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to succeed.

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KBSL Service Offerings

24/7 Managed IT Services

24/7 Managed IT Services

Efficient managed services to help achieve your business goals.

Technical Consultancy & Design

Technical Consultancy & Design

Understanding the nature of our customer’s business.

Technical Consultancy & Design

Implementation Services

Implementation skills over three decades of capacity building.

Warranty & Support

Warranty & Support

Minimising downtimes and identify performance
improvement measures

Smart Building & ELV

Smart Building & ELV

Optimise your building's functionality and efficiency.

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