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Warranty & Support

KBSL Support Services comprises a team of professionals who are competent in the areas of preventive maintenance and system reviewing. Reviewing is done periodically to minimizing the possible downtimes and to identify performance improvement measures. The Support centre comprises:

1.Technical Assistance Center
Provides 24×7 remote assistance as well as on-site support.
2. Resident Engineer services
To manage their offerings, KBSL will arrange a Resident Engineer at the customer site.

After-sales support services are usually offered under 3 levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. KBSL also offers Industry standard support services via a ITIL compatible service desk operating 24×7. KBSL always strive to offer services that would delight our customers, going beyond our contractual obligations. This is evident by the large number of customers who continue to renew their service contacts with us for their critical systems and exceptional customer feedback we receive for support calls.

Our Key Services

After-sales support services

Customers can choose from a range of after-sales support services offered at different levels depending on their needs and budget. These services provide additional peace of mind and ensure that customers receive the support they require to keep their products and systems running smoothly.

Technical Assistance and Remote Troubleshooting

Customers are provided with 24/7 technical assistance and remote troubleshooting support by experts who are knowledgeable in the relevant technology. This service ensures that customers receive prompt and effective assistance when experiencing technical issues with their products or systems.

On-site support and maintenance services

Customers are offered on-site support and maintenance services by experienced professionals who are trained to identify and resolve technical issues quickly and effectively. This service helps minimize downtime and ensures that customers' products and systems are running smoothly.

Regular system Reviewing / Maintenance

We provide regular system reviews and preventive maintenance are conducted by professionals to identify and address issues before they result in downtime or system failure. This service ensures that customers' products and systems are maintained and optimized to perform at their best.

Timely replacement of malfunctioning parts

KBSL provides timely replacement of defective or malfunctioning parts to ensure that customers' products and systems are running at peak performance. This service minimizes downtime and ensures that customers' products and systems remain operational.

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KBSL Service Offerings

24/7 Managed IT Services

24/7 Managed IT Services

Efficient managed services to help achieve your business goals.

Technical Consultancy & Design

Technical Consultancy & Design

Understanding the nature of our customer’s business.

Technical Consultancy & Design

Implementation Services

Implementation skills over three decades of capacity building.

Warranty & Support

Warranty & Support

Minimising downtimes and identify performance
improvement measures

Smart Building & ELV

Smart Building & ELV

Optimise your building's functionality and efficiency.

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